8 Signs that your Current Relationship is Hopeless

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Love is always worth fighting for, always. Sometimes, deep inside your heart, you already know that there is no love left to fight for. Some relationships reach their breaking point and we prolong them in hopes to salvage this lost cause but we have to accept the reality that this is beyond our control anymore. The art of letting go is only known by some but it is something that you have to learn at some point in your life.

Everything gets old at one point in life. Whether it is a car, your clothes, your food or even your relationship, It all gets old eventually and old things sometimes do not work that well. But it is not something to depress you over. Some facts in life are for everyone and with time you realize that whether your relationship is worth keeping or not. There are some indications which tell you whether you should continue a relationship or just end it.

The moment you get these indications, then you should know that it is time to think again about what you want in life.

1. You Just don’t want to seduce their Naked soul Anymore

I am surrounded by rotten souls. Everyone puts their bodies up for auction nowadays. Where did all the naked souls wander off to? There was a time when I could stare in people’s eyes, drown in their sorrows and salvage some lost pieces. Everyone has retreated into the deepest corners of their subconscious and built crenellations and fortified themselves. Their naivety amazes me at times. They are holding their spirituality in a scaffold.

They are holding their souls captive which need a perpetual supply of freedom. Your enemies are not outside these walls, they lie within you, inside your crooked brain and your hollow veins. They are pumping white emptiness to your whole body. Undress your soul and let me see you as you were made, for a human is a picturesque view when he is most vulnerable. He is no longer stoic; he is a cascade of emotions and a stroke of blues and greys. He is a terrifying mess and an indelible view.