8 Signs That Your Ex Was Extremely Egotistical

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5. Your ex was incredibly selfish.

They never really gave a damn about the needs or wants of other people. On the off chance that they could get the opportunity to do something nice for others, they would only willingly do so if it also benefitted them in the long run. It’s all about them. They only do or say anything that benefits them. They couldn’t care less about the happiness or welfare of the people around them.

6. Your ex thought that you owed them all of your time and they owed you none of theirs.

They always expected the people around them to bend at their will. They always assumed that you would drop whatever it is you were doing just to be of service to them. They expected you to make time for them regardless of whether it was convenient or not for you to do so. They always wanted you to put them first even though they weren’t willing to do the same for you. They would never adjust their time for you, but they always wanted you to make sure that you adjusted your time for them. They always saw their own time as something that was more valuable than your own. They would make you wait for them but they would never wait for you.

7. Your ex automatically assumed that all of the people they met where attracted to them.

They always saw themselves as the supreme example of the human race. They saw themselves as prime beings – the best possible versions of what mankind had to offer. They always sought to lift their own bench whenever they could. They had huge insecurities within them and they felt the need to cover these insecurities up by ballooning their egos to the size of skyscrapers. They always assumed that they were incredibly attractive people when the truth was that they were absolutely repulsive underneath it all.

8. Your ex was a huge douchebag.

To put it simply, your ex was a huge douchebag. They never really cared about how their words and actions would negatively impact the people around them. They would always just do what they want. Sometimes, they would even deliberately hurt others even when there wasn’t any logic or reason to do so. It’s just innate for them to be a natural pain in the butt for other people. They just found joy in the misery of others and they were terrible human beings.

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