8 signs you are not over your ex

A Posted 3 years ago
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Think you're over your ex? Read through this article if you want to reassure yourself.

8. You Feel Good When You See Him

If you aren’t sure if you’re properly over him, think about how it feels when he’s in front of you or think of a Scenario where you suddenly see him. Do you feel happy inside? Does your heart start pounding? Do You want nothing more but his attention when he’s near you? If you feel any of these even remotely, then You’re not over him and you need to keep your distance as much as you can until you can overcome these Feelings definitively.

7. You Still “Almost Text” Him

We all go through that helpless phase after a breakup where we almost text our ex. We write up a long and Heartfelt (sometimes anger-filled) message and we think about sending it but end up deleting the entire Message altogether. This is a weakness that goes away as time goes on. But don’t expect it to happen Overnight. Moving on is one of the hardest things in the world, and even when you think you’re there, you’re Not.

6. You Compare Other Men To Him

Ladies, I know going through a break up is a horrible situation and I wouldn’t wish that state of mind even upon My enemies but you just can’t compare other men to him. It’s very common when a girl isn’t over her ex, she Gets approached by a lot of good guys who are probably better than her ex but she always finds a way to compare Him to her ex and get sad on how that new guy isn’t like her ex. Understand that he is an ex for a reason and You’re letting a lot of good guys go because of those feelings you can’t let go of.