8 signs you're in a relationship worth keeping

Yousra Nasir Posted 3 years ago
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It's worth keeping <3

Relationships are one of the perks of the living. They are those wonderful aspects of life that bring joy to all those who truly revel in them. It would be prudent to point out at this point that despite our often well meaning endeavours and hopes for them, not all relationships are meant to last forever. There. I said it. And if I understand human nature, as well as the world we live in, even a slightest, then I daresay most of you would agree. Since after all, how many of you can say with conviction that all of your relationships, whether they be romantic ones or platonic, have survived the greater portion of your lives, and continue to do so? While you may, for a moment, mistake me for a wholly cynical sort for that train of thought, hold your horses right there. And before you allow yourself to do anything of the sort, permit me to introduce to you these 8 signs that are, I believe,  indicative of a relationship worth keeping.

8. You are loyal to yourself

Several times we believe that settling to be someone we are not is acceptable in order to please another human being. This is a great mistake if there ever has been one. To cease to be yourself for the sake of your partner may bring you two joy but it would be short-lived. And in the long run, it would only lead to resentment towards your partner, and possible self loathing. When faced with such a situation, it would be advisable to do some soul-searching, and embrace ourselves for who we are in order to be that person. Be loyal to yourself. You can't make someone else happy, when you aren't feeling that way yourself.