8 simple ways to reduce conflict in your relationship

Anum H Posted 2 years ago
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In these turbulent times, more often than not stress takes a toll on all of us. Trying to make ends meet, raising kids, pursuing our careers; the simple act of survival is not as effortless as it sounds. This affects our mental and physical health both, in order to keep our sanity there needs to be something that provides some neutralization in this situation. Our relationships can act as that buffer, the ray of sunshine that keeps us going, but most of us seek happiness in other means, while we dump all the problems on our relationship and our relationship becomes a source of stress rather than being our safe place. Here are some simple ways you can de-stress your relationship and avoid trashing all your frustrations on your relationship, to help you avoid conflict with your partner as soon as you get home. If you are satisfied in your relationship it will eventually bring tranquility to a big part of your life.

1. Commit, commit, commit!

The emphasis is very necessary. You will pay attention to your relationship only if you are truly committed. It all begins with sincerity; commit to your partner, commit to your relationship, commit to being happy. If your relationship is going through a rough patch, don't take the easy way out by quitting, devote yourself to the well-being of your relationship. Don't just ignore it and let it take its own course.