8 Things Girls Do In A New Relationship But Never Admit

EK Posted 2 years ago
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New relationships are always exciting. Love is blossoming and both partners have an irresistible attraction towards each other. You both love spending time with your soul mate. Both the partners enjoy each other’s company, dinners, movies, cuddling and just being together.

Girls are always over excited about their new relationship. The moment she fell head over heels for him, everything starts revolving around the ‘new man’ in her life. Overwhelmed with excitement, a girl will always share details of her new relationship with her best friend or sister and tell them all about the new man in her life.

But there are certain things that almost every girl does in a new relationship but she would never admit it. Most of the girls engage themselves in these behaviors to check if the person is really the right man for them. With these acts they are unconsciously ticking a checklist in their quest for their perfect man.

Here is a list of 8 activities that girl get involved into right after they fell for a man. But they will always try to keep these activities a secret from everyone and especially their man.

8. Stalking Him On Social Media

Immediately after you start dating him you will feel the urge to spy him. So you start stalking him on Facebook and on every possible social media site. You want to know about his every move on social media. What is he tweeting about, whom he is sending likes etc.