8 things that are just NOT okay when you're in a relationship

Yousra Nasir Posted 3 years ago
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Some things are just so obviously not acceptable!

Relationships are an amalgamation of several elements. A primary one being a healthy give and take. That also means letting go of bad habits that are detrimental to the relationship, and recognising them in your partners. But there are some practices that are simply deal-breakers in a relationship. Here are 8 such things that are never okay in a relationship.

1. Invasion of privacy

This is something that often starts small. Casually picking up your partner's phone and 'browsing' through their picture gallery is one way several people start it. It then progresses to their phone logs and messages. Later you become bold enough to ask for your partner's email/Facebook passwords, as well as regularly examine the contents of their phone messages. Several long-term couples have no issue sharing their passwords, since in a healthy relationship there is no need to hide anything, but it is imperative to understand that actively asking for such details (or going behind their backs to do it) so you can go through your partner's phones/emails/personal belongings is frankly rather disrespectful. If you do this, then you are as good as saying to them that you don't trust them and do not respect their privacy.