8 Things That Happen To Guys With Short Girlfriends

A Posted a year ago
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There’s just something really appealing about having a small and petite woman for a girlfriend.

There’s just something really appealing about having a small and petite woman for a girlfriend. Men always like to feel like they are able to protect and defend their damsels whenever they’re in distress. Men want to coddle and take care of their little princesses the best way they can. That’s part of the appeal of having a small girlfriend. She can look like a tiny fragile little princess, and all you want to do is make sure that no harm comes to her. Of course, she’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but you still like to coddle her anyway. You treat her with extra special care because she means so much to you and you don’t want any harm to come to her. Also, there are some other cute perks to having a small girlfriend. These are some of the things that happen to guys with short girlfriends:

1. She Takes Your Clothes Without Asking Your Permission

She gets your regular tee-shirt and turns it into an oversized top for her edgy and contemporary outfit. The weird thing about is that it works on her too. She looks darn cute in your clothes. And it’s not just your tees, she’s also taking your button downs, your baseball caps, and maybe even your sneakers for good measure.

2. Her Cuteness Makes It Impossible For You To Stay Mad At Her

She’s so damn cute and adorable, you just can’t stay mad at her for a prolonged period of time. She has a puppy dog face that makes you weak in the knees. Her stature makes you feel like you want to take care of her forever and you never want to hurt her. You can’t stay mad at her at all and she knows this and plays it to her advantage a lot of times.

3. You Have Random Urges To Lift Her Up Off Her Feet

She makes you feel strong because of how easy it is for you to just carry her in your arms. She’s practically a plaything that you can just lug around everywhere you go. She’s so light and feathery that you carry her from room to room in your apartment just for fun. She also feels very safe and secure whenever she’s in your arms, and so she lets you do it. It’s also a very endearing way to express one’s love.  - Continue reading on the next page