8 Things That Women Should Do But Don’t Do Anymore

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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With the many changes the last century has brought in our traditions and customs, a major change in the duties of a woman has been observed. It is not certain who changed the course of duties, whether it was the society, men or women themselves or some other entity.

Women of today are nothing like the women of 1950s who were taught to run houses and perform chores. Events in history have revolutionised the paradigms and women, now, do not really believe in serving their men. They are now running the race with men to be ’independent’. There are some things that are done best when a woman does it for her man with grace and obligation. Following are some things that women should do, but don’t.

1. Cook:

They say, or at least they used to say that the path to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. Women these days do not know how to cook, which they should. Even two to three decades ago, a young woman knew how to cook delicious food for her family, even before marriage. Mothers were natural teachers who passed on recipes to their daughters who then cooked for their husbands. Nowadays, women feel proud to say that they don’t know how to cook as if that is a talent. If there is a career to take care of and a job to give your best at, at least, two to three meals that your spouse would love should be in your recipe book.

2. Clean:

Back in the day, knowing how to keep a clean house pretty much made you a ‘wife’. Some women are, indeed, neat freaks but some don’t have any knowledge about cleaning chores. Home economics was something every woman was taught and it included everything from cleaning to sewing. Now, most of them care about their manicured nails more than the dirty dishes in the sink. Cleaning is basic, even men should know how to do it.

3. Making his plate:

Women, these days, feel shame in getting up and helping their men fix their plates. There should not be any shame in that. Honouring your husband is graceful and serving him is the good deed to which he will pay you back. It is not necessary to do it every time he eats, but if you make his plate in public and he shows gratitude, won’t the love grow? Women roll their eyes and say that ‘he’s got legs of his own’, well, yes he has, but your concern for him will make him happy because little things make a big difference.