8 Things the Strong Girl Wants You to Remember

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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In this world of misogyny and discrimination, being a female AND being strong does not always come easy. It’s not easy because girls aren’t expected to be strong. They aren’t expected to be completely independent. And strength for a girl tends to be seen as something other than what it actually is- a desirable asset that all girls can’t possibly have but one that all girls should strive for vigorously.

Naturally, there are usually many misconceptions about the strong girl. People often find it hard to understand her. They perceive her as an anomaly. And they misinterpret her strength and confidence as arrogance and imprudence.

The purpose of this article is to clear these misconceptions. Our purpose is to assert that a strong girl should always be unapologetically vocal about all her strengths. She shouldn’t feel the need to hide or cover them. She shouldn’t be discouraged because of them, but praised and appreciated. Here are 8 things that the strong girl wants you to remember.

  1. She is vulnerable sometimes, and that’s okay.

This girl has thick skin, but she’s also capable of letting her guard down once in a while. She knows when and how to let the right people in.

She is completely aware of herself, but that hasn’t made her impervious to sadness. Being strong doesn’t imply that she’s incapable of feeling pain, unlike everyone else in the world. It’s sometimes difficult to go through life as a strong girl when everyone around just assumes that you’re always perfectly fine. This girl is strong, but she is still a human being.

  1. She does want to find love

Yes, this girl is strong and independent. She knows how to live happily by herself. She doesn’t need a guy to come save her from the world or to fill her lonely nights or to pay her bills, but she does want someone who she can share her amazing life with.

You might have assumed that because she’s strong, she’s completely content and that she doesn’t want anything else in life. But she does want to fall in love. She might not need a partner, but she does want one. - Continue reading on next page