8 times when ANXIETY causes relationship problems and how you can deal with it

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Anxiety is not easy to handle, not for the person who’s suffering from it and definitely not for the people who are around that person, the people who really care, and the people who get affected by it just as much as the one who’s suffering.

If you’re someone who suffers from anxiety, you’re sure to know that intense feeling of guilt you feel for your partner at times. The times when no matter how hard you try, you just can’t stop yourself from reacting in weird ways to normal situations. The times when you get scared thinking about the fact that no matter how patient and supportive your partner tries to be, they must still have some kind of a breaking point.

But we’re here to re-assure you about one thing: Anxiety is not necessarily a deal breaker! It does not define who you are and you, with help from your partner, HAVE the power to control it.

Here are 8 situations that almost every victim of anxiety can relate to, along with ways to successfully deal with them:

  1. When you get invited for a group hangout

Committing to a group hangout can be a nerve-wrecking situation for someone with anxiety. One part of you is really excited, the part that just wants to have some fun with their friends but the other part is going crazy, getting anxious just thinking about the plan and whether you’d still want to go when the time comes. It doesn’t matter how good the plan sounded when you agreed to it because deep down, you know you can never predict how you’ll feel when the actual day of the hangout comes. This situation can be even more frustrating for your partner because they’re the one who will have to go alone and make up excuses for why you couldn’t come, in case you cancel at the last moment.

What you can do: Talk to your friends. Tell them exactly how you feel. Don’t let them assume that you keep blowing them off for no reason at all. Explain to them how your anxiety works, how unpredictable it can be. Let them know that you really want to meet them and you still want to be invited to future hangouts. As for your partner, tell them beforehand if there’s any possibility of cancelling so they can be prepared and decide for themselves if they want to go without you or not. And once your friends understand, your partner won’t have to make up awkward excuses for you either. *Continue reading on next page*