8 toxic people you should start the new year without

A Posted 3 years ago
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2015 is here, it's a whole new year filled with exciting new opportunities and goals to be achieved. Start your year off with as much positivity as you can, this means that you need to leave certain people behind, certain "Toxic" people who will do nothing more but bring you down in your happiness-filled new year. Here are the 8 most common toxic people you should leave behind, for your own sake, let's begin.

8. People who lie to you

2015 should be a more positive year, it should be free from drama and lies and deception. Free yourself from people who can't seem to be honest with you for too long. The sort of people who just have to lie to you in order to be okay with you. The people who eventually hurt you a lot because their lies travel around and come to you eventually, do you really need that kind of negative energy this year? No, you don't. You need positive people, true people, pure people, people who actually care about you enough to never lie to you.