8 toxic people you should start the new year without

A Posted 3 years ago
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2018 - no toxic people allowed.

2018 is here, it's a whole new year filled with exciting new opportunities and goals to be achieved. Start your year off with as much positivity as you can, this means that you need to leave certain people behind, certain "Toxic" people who will do nothing more but bring you down in your happiness-filled new year. Here are the 8 most common toxic people you should leave behind, for your own sake, let's begin.

8. People who lie to you

2018 should be a more positive year, it should be free from drama and lies and deception. Free yourself from people who can't seem to be honest with you for too long. The sort of people who just have to lie to you in order to be okay with you. The people who eventually hurt you a lot because their lies travel around and come to you eventually, do you really need that kind of negative energy this year? No, you don't. You need positive people, true people, pure people, people who actually care about you enough to never lie to you.

7. People who want to change you

Let's make 2018 about YOU, 2018 is going to be the year of intense self-improvement! Free yourself from people who try changing you into someone else, people who either envy your personality for whatever reason or just dislike your individuality because they're just brought up that way, to hate everyone around them. Be around people who love you the way you are, who enhance you, who empower you, who push you forward in your way to success without changing a thing about you.

6. People who talk behind your back

Like I said, 2018 isn't going to be the year of drama and deception. Rid yourself of the people who love to talk behind your back. The two-faced characters who absolutely love you when you're there, but hate you greatly when you're not. Do you really need such people in your life anymore? You need people who are straightforward and can say it like it is, people who can speak from the heart without the fear of anyone watching.

5. People who want to use you

I've said this before and I'll say it again, bad people are everywhere in the world, they may even be in your own company without you knowing it. You need to get rid of the people who want to use you, who have you in their lives just because you fulfill a purpose of their own selfish needs and when they're done, they'll just throw you away without even the slightest of explanations. Be with people who would love to be around you, not because of something that you could do for them, but because they simply love being around you.