8 Warning signs you're with the wrong person

A Posted 3 years ago
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If you're in any of these situations then consider it as a warning and be cautious, be cautious because you may be with the wrong person.

Incompatibility is spreading like wildfire and it's affecting a lot of relationships. A good relationship is supposed to enhance your life, make your happier, boost your self confidence, make you believe stronger in your own decisions and every else good in life becomes more clear, that's what a good relationship does, a bad relationship does everything the exact opposite.

This article is going to focus on ten kinds of situations, if you're in any of these situations then consider it as a warning and be cautious, be cautious because you may be with the wrong person. How do you know you're with the wrong person? Let's begin.

8. They keep reminding you of the past

You will find some people in life who will try to bring you down by any means necessary. Why? Simply put, because they're not happy in their own lives or they envy yours. They'll give you constant reminders of your past mistakes even if you've changed and are a new person. They won't let you change, they'll make you think and believe you can never change and you'll always repeat your mistakes. You do not need this negative energy pulling you back into the dark times from which you came out of once. Using someone's past to attack them is one of the cheapest of attacks and if your "partner" uses it against you, for whatever reason, you don't need more reasons to find someone better.

7. They constantly lie to you

Bad people lie, they lie to hide their own mistakes. Bad people will lie to you more than once, either to take the blame off of their heads or to just make you think about something that doesn't exist for whatever evil reason they have. A relationship is based on a very strong boundary of trust and loyalty. I've written countless articles and rules on trust and I just can't stress enough on the topic. A lie is a lie, no matter how small. The smallest of lies leads to the biggest of mistakes. If they truly love you, they just simply can't lie to you.

6. They don't respect your time

Are you in a relationship where you find yourself spending all of your time on your partner and the same isn't being done in return? Do they often tell you they're occupied in something or the other? Do you feel like they only spend time with you when they see fit and when it's convenient for them? Something that's much more important than you? I've said this a lot of times, it's all about priorities. If they truly love you, it doesn't really matter how busy they are, they'll take out enough time for you to see you smile, they will never make you feel like you're being ignored or there's something more important that they're doing. I have a business, she knows about it, I still NEVER let her feel it and she gets sufficient time, because I'd rather stay single than to break someone's heart. - Continue reading on the next page