There are problems in every relationship, some are harder to deal with than the others. Coping with a controlling partner can be a bit difficult, but this does not mean that you decide to break up with them instantly, there is always a better way of solving problems, especially when you love that person. So, here are a few ways how you can stop suffering in a controlling relationship.

1. Try getting to the root of it

Controlling behaviours may arises from deep rooted insecurities, a bad childhood, loss, cheating or some other bad experience; try having a talk with them, make them feel loved and supported. Deal with their insecurities head on and assure them that you truly love them. Help them get over whatever it is that they fear, don’t escape it. Work together on it as a team, take professional help if need be.

2. Communicate how you feel

Tell them how their controlling and manipulative behavior is hurting you and damaging your relationship. If they love you, they’ll understand that they need to change their attitude. Have a talk with them, be clear and firm about your views. Talk a stand for yourself, tell them it’s not okay that you treat them like a slave or a puppet. Be honest and specific about how you feel in a calm and composed manner, fighting about it will create more issues.