8 ways to spice up your love life

Yousra Nasir Posted 3 years ago
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Witnessing the fire in your relationship unspectacularly dying out and finally perhaps even dwindling to nothing? Having trouble recalling the last time you and your partner were going at it for hours on end?Finding it difficult to muster up the energy to say yes to your partner for a night of abandon? There's no shame in admitting it. We all have those tiring days at work, that tend to leave you rather spent towards the end of them, resulting in an inability to summon up the energy or the mood to feel warm towards the prospect of sex. It is more common than you would expect, but it comes to nearly all of us in time. The idea should not, although, be to shrug off these feelings and let matters go as they are. Instead, you ought to feel no discomfiture in acknowledging and taking measures to remedy the situation. So here are 8 ways to build up the mood for that perfect sex you haven't been having.

8. Hit the gym

Exercise, in virtually any form, acts as an alleviator of stress. Exercise will help stimulate the feel good neurotransmitters in your brain, called endorphins. You needn't begin with several hours of a gym session. Even if you work out for, say fifteen minutes in a day, that is still fifteen minutes of something good you did for your body and mind. That thought alone has the ability to sustain you and keep you feeling revved up throughout the rest of your day. The key is to feel good about yourself. And working out does more than that!