8 ways to spot an emotional manipulator

Yousra Nasir Posted 3 years ago
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Emotional manipulation is a tool that allows someone to get their way through unscrupulous and deceptive methods. I have experienced my fair share of emotional manipulation, and I can testify that it is not pleasant. They say anticipation and uncertainty are the essence of romantic courtship, but that does not, under any circumstances, should be taken to understand that you may allow yourselves to lay open to your another's underhandedness or negativity. Retaining your happiness and stability while being on the rough end of such negative behaviour can be a trial, and one you shouldn't have to endure. So, here are 8 ways you can spot an emotional manipulator and save yourself much unwanted heartache and distress.

1. Twists your words around

It is hard work being honest with an emotional manipulator, especially if you are as painfully and inherently honest and open as I am. If you feel he/she has been neglecting you and the relationship and avoiding confrontations, and you decide to speak to them about it, there are chances that the conversation may go something like this. "You haven't been giving me enough time for a while now. You're never around when I need you." The emotional manipulator's response may follow something like this, "Things have been so hectic at work. My boss is a really obnoxious jerk. I don't even know how I'm coping with all of the stress. And is this really all you can think of right now? I'm sorry to hear to hear this of you." And thus your own words have been contorted and used against you. At which point, you realise that not only is their argument irrefutable in some manner, it also paints them as the victim here. And you are left with a vaguely confused feeling, and still nowhere near a solution to the original problem. - Continue reading on next page