8 Women You Really Don’t Want To Piss Off

A Posted 10 months ago
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I wouldn't want to be on the bad side of these women!

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” We’ve all heard that idiom before and for some of us, we’ve experienced it firsthand too. There’s really no stopping an angry woman. Whenever she’s fuming, and you just happen to be within her line of sight, then brace yourself for a whirlwind of rage and emotion. You don’t ever want to get on a woman’s bad side so always make sure to treat her right in a relationship. If it just so happens that you DO manage to get a girl angry, then you better hope and pray to the heavens that she’s not going to go crazy on you.

Here are examples of 8 women you really don’t want to piss off.

1. Tracy

Tracy once found out of her husband’s infidelities with 3 other women. She then proceeded to contact these 3 ladies and enlisted their assistance in getting revenge. The plan was for one of the ladies to lure the man in a shabby motel and have him tied up and blindfolded in bed for what looked to be a seemingly interesting night. When his blindfold would be removed, all 4 women were hovering over him with angry looks on their faces. They then proceeded to abuse him physically and there was nothing he could do about it.

2. Ting Su

Ting Su had been suspecting her husband of engaging in extra-marital affairs so she decided to implant a GPS tracker in his car. When he lied one day and drove all the way to a shopping center instead of work, she decided to follow him. Once she found the car in the parking lot, she also found her husband doing dirty deeds with her sister. The husband and sister immediately exited the vehicle despite their nudity to explain themselves. That’s when Ting Su jumped into the car and drove off with their clothes.

3. Kelly

Kelly thought that her marriage was going just fine but then she found out that her husband hadn’t be so loyal. She was suddenly driven mad with rage at the knowledge of his infidelities. What did she do afterwards? While her husband was asleep one night, she grabbed the kitchen knife and stabbed his genital area multiple times. That’s one way to make sure he’ll never cheat on you again. By the time the police arrived, he had already been dead, and she had already escaped. - Continue reading on the next page