9 early signs that show that you're in the right relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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This one is for people who are in fresh relationships, and by fresh I mean around one month old. There are a lot of things that happen in the beginning, a few factors are very visible from the beginning. You can actually tell how the relationship is going to be or at least get an idea about it during the first month because the two of you are spending the most time then and also finding a lot of things about each other in the very beginning. Want to know if you made the right decision? Check this list out.

9. You can spend infinite hours with each other

The first thing to notice is how much time you spend together, either hanging out or talking on the phone. I used to talk to my girlfriend for hours, and I still do. It means that you two don't get bored of each other and don't have to have a specific reason to hang or a topic to talk about, you guys just keep making the conversation fresh and actually forget how much you've talked to each other. This is one of the good signs because if a person can talk to you or hang out with you for countless hours and not get bored, chances are he won't get bored in the coming months either. It also means that the two of you are super compatible.