9 excuses we come up with to justify staying in unhappy relationships

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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It’s not always easy to recognize all the things that are so obviously wrong with our relationship. This happens due to a number of reasons- maybe we’re just too scared of being alone to actually consider the idea of breaking up or maybe we’re just too deeply in love to understand all the wrong that’s being done to us or maybe we never really knew what true love or happiness feels like so we take what we can get.

Whatever the reasons might be, one thing we all end up doing as a result is coming up with excuses- excuses on why we should stay, excuses to justify all of our partner’s actions and excuses to simply delay making a difficult life decision!

Here are 9 of the most common excuses all of us give for sticking to bad and unhappy relationships:

  1. “If I just put in some more effort , the relationship will get better”

It’s not easy to take the decision of leaving a person who was once the source of all your happiness. You keep telling yourself over and over again to try a little harder, to put in more effort, to just do something extra that’ll take you both back to the honeymoon period. But just tell me this- If the real you isn’t enough to make this work anymore, do you actually want to pretend and be someone you’re not?

Give yourself some respect. Don’t allow your partner to start taking you for granted and to start expecting you to put in all of the efforts. Choosing to do what’s best for you, choosing to be happy, and choosing to finally let go, are things that you owe to yourself. *Continue reading on next page*