9 Feelings You Will Have Once You Meet The Man Of Your Dreams

A Posted 7 months ago
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The man of my dreams <3

It’s quite uncommon for couples to meet, fall in love, and then commit to each other for the rest of their lives in such a short time span. A lot of couples will take their time with falling in love. They will not want to let themselves fall too deeply a little too quickly. They will try to suppress their feelings and for the most part, that’s always a good idea. In a way, it’s some sort of a defense mechanism for people to do this. It’s a way for them to prevent themselves from getting hurt. 

But there are the lucky few who don’t need too much time to actually decide that they actually want to spend the rest of their lives with one another. There are some couples who know instantly that they’ve actually met the person of their dreams the moment that they first lay their eyes on each other. 

For those kinds of couples, while they are few, it doesn’t necessarily make their love any less legitimate. In fact, the strength of their love is real. And here are a few common feelings that are consistent among these kinds of love affairs. 

1. You will be surprised that you are developing these kinds of feelings so quickly.

It’s an experience that you’ve never encountered before. It’s as if everything is just falling into place at a pace that you’re just not familiar with. And yet, despite the unfamiliarity, it all just feels so right. It’s not a speed that intimidates you at all. You even learn to embrace it because of how much you love it. 

2. Your feelings won’t feel uncomfortable or unnatural to you at all.

Again, it’s all unfamiliar to you, but it’s never something that feels forced or inorganic. You know that all your feelings are coming from a genuinely natural place. You are sure that there is no bastardization that’s going on with your feelings at all. It’s all sincere, true, and real. 

3. Your attraction for him just continues to grow and grow every day.

You know that it’s real because your feelings aren’t reaching a plateau despite of its pace. Usually, when you fall in love too quickly, you will also prematurely find your feelings on a decline. However, this doesn’t apply to your situation at all. You still find yourself falling deeper and deeper in love with your man every day that you’re together.

4. You aren’t afraid to fight because you know the strength of your love can survive anything.

A lot of couples in infant relationships will want to avoid fights as much as possible because they don’t want to mess up the allure of the honeymoon phase. However, you’re not that kind of couple. You aren’t afraid to have fights or disagreements because despite your relationship being young, it has already developed a sense of maturity that is rare to find in a lot of relationships.  - Continue reading on the next page