9 Habits Happy Couples Have But Never Talk About

A Posted 3 years ago
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What makes a couple "perfect"? Is it the way they treat each other? Is it the way they complement each other? Or is it the fact that they turn each other's imperfections into their perfections? First of all, there is no standard of "perfection" when it comes to relationships, every couple can be a happy and perfect couple in their own way, it all depends on what their definition of perfection and happiness is.

In my case, the perfection in my relationship is defined by the things we do with each other, things that we are both fully aware of but never mention, because we are so perfectly used to each other and comfortable with each other's presence that we have just learned to cherish each other's efforts.

This article is going to be based on my own life and some of the closest people I know, people who are happy in their lives with their partners. This is going to be a list of 9 things or habits happy and strong couples have but never talk about. Let's begin.

1. They don't let the outside world affect them

Truly strong and content partners have a very healthy habit of standing by each other no matter what, no matter who comes up against them or tries to stop them, they'll keep supporting each other without a doubt. The outside world consists of good and evil, more evil than good, some people are going to try to come between you and your partner, they may try planting weird misconceptions in your head about your partner, that is the point where you shun their efforts and keep standing by your partner without any regrets, that is what true love is all about - being there for one another.

Obstacles can come in your relationship in any form and shape. It might be something someone said that incites doubt in you about your partner’s past. It can revolve around society disagreeing to the choices you both make in your relationship, whatever they might be. But no one else is a part of the bond you share with someone except you and that person. What the outside world says and does is of no concern. The real concern, therefore, lies in the fact that you two have each other’s back at all costs. It paves a clear road for a healthy relationship that can stand the test of time. The only thing happy couples care about is what they think about each other, how to be their bigger selves for each other – not for the outside world. In the end of the day, all we have is people we trust, not the whole world. Partners in a happy relationship have each other to come back to, without the outside world’s interference in their personal matters and so forth.

2. Complete acceptance

Happy and strong couples are those who completely accept one another without any need for change. Someone who truly loves you for who you are would never try to change anything about you (as long as it's not a life-threatening habit), they'll cherish the differences between the two of you, because those differences are exactly why you're special and they make you the person you are. Your differences are beautiful and they define you as an individual. Short-lived romances die down because of the constant need to "improve" and "change". True love and long-lasting relationships don't require any changes.

Those in a happy relationship realize the fact that changing one another is no different from being robbed of who they really are. The world is already a place which tries to change you, bending and breaking you to become its idea of perfection – someone who can be controlled fully. But happy couples know that their relationship is the safest haven to be whoever they want to be, without any restraints. That, in turn, makes the relationship last longer. They appreciate the similarities, respect the differences and allow each other full space to be their own self, nothing more or less. And it is only when we are truly ourselves and are comfortable in our skin that we can be content with our lives. When you find someone who makes you feel such contentment, it will lead to a healthy relationship indeed.

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