9 MUST-DO’S in a relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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Every serious relationship demands a couple of things, without them a relationship will begin or continue to have problems. If you want to ensure a healthy and happy relationship, these things listed below are a must-do to ensure your partner is happy and more in love than ever.


We have all heard this and it’s something we all already know but at times even though we know it we often forget the importance. We feel that we have done enough to express our love towards our partner and we start taking it for granted that our partner already knows that we love them. This is where things start to go wrong. Remember, It is never ever enough. You have got to keep on expressing in various ways, every day, to express your love to your partner. May it be a sticky note on the fridge or a kiss on the cheek, a compliment or giving your jacket to her on a cold night or watching his favourite sport with him! Just express in your special little ways.


Always be there to listen to your partner, whatever they have to say. Relationship is more than going out, having fun and being physical. Meaningful relationships are built on words and moments of silence you’ve spent with each other. Be the first one to ask your partner how there day has been, don’t just ask but listen carefully. Give your advice according to your understanding so your partner notices that you are taking interest. Similarly, share about your day, tell them details so they can be a part of your day as much as you are.