9 qualities of the girl who loves “too much” that make her the best girlfriend

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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With all the stories we hear, the movies we see, and the people we encounter, we tend to form this pre-conceived notion that any girl who loves too much, who gives in that extra piece of her heart, who doesn’t care about the whole world and makes her guy the only center of her life, is bound to be annoying and clingy, to be someone he’ll get tired of and someone who’ll just get her heart-broken, eventually. While this still might be true in some cases, I’m here to tell you about the many instances when it’s not, when you actually realize that this girl right here is really what you needed all along, and when you are ready to embrace that once in a lifetime chance of experiencing all the amazing things that this girl has to offer.

Here are 9 qualities of this girl that’ll make you appreciate her existence, and in turn, think about her differently from now on:

1. She will fill your life with positivity

Her never-ending love is only because of all the positivity that’s filled in her. No amount of heart-break, no amount of disappointments, and no amount of negativity has ever brought her down. And this might even be a quality that she gets judged and ridiculed for but that still doesn’t keep her from looking at the brighter side of things, from trying to discover the good in every person she meets and every experience she has, and from pursuing a life of un-disturbed happiness. *Continue reading on next page*