9 Reasons why crafting is good for your brain

Anum H Posted 3 years ago
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As we move towards technology and outwardly experiences,  even then science cannot deny the fact that happiness has to come from within, no gadget can give us what we can give ourselves, call it getting back to the basics. Similarly, it is  scientifically proven that crafting has  positive impacts on our mental and eventually our physical health. When we are creative, our brain releases a feel-good hormone, dopamine, it improves your mood and is a sure way of bringing you tranquility. Here is what crafting really does to your mind and body.

1. A way of meditation.

Activities like knitting, crocheting, sewing, cooking etc.. have you follow a certain rhythm and pattern. This rhythmic flow of movements, helps you get away from the daily life hustle. It has proven to make you feel better and more relaxed. It is a form of a productive distraction. Crafting is also being called the 'new yoga' in terms of its healthy effects on the brain.

2. Mentally stimulating.

When you start crafting, you have a certain target in your mind, there's a certain outcome that you expect. The next step is to figure out ways of getting that final product, you try different ways to get there, the famous trial and error method. Hence, crafting shakes up your brain, it's like an a personal challenge  making you better at problem solving.

3. Development of coordination and spatial senses.

The physical movements that are required in crafting, not only improve your mood but they also develop your hand-eye coordination, improving your spatial senses making you mentally active and sharp.