9 Reasons why single life is absolutely wonderful

Yousra Nasir Posted 3 years ago
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A large proportion of the population seem to think that it is unfortunate to be single. That they can only be "complete" once they have met that special someone with whom they would find eternal happiness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Oh, this article is most certainly not to condemn all of those happy couples. Know that I am infinitely happy for all those of you have found someone just right who loves you for you. But what I mean to say here is that the idea that you need another human being to make you happy, to make you feel whole is not just absurd and rife with inaccuracies, but also paves the way for misery and false expectations. These thoughts, that you are incomplete without a partner, is what will keep you from true happiness, rather than your single status itself. Instead, what we all need to grasp fully is that loving ourselves first is the key to attaining true happiness. With self-love comes acceptance for who we are, self compassion, a realisation of self-worth, and the courage to face even the most adverse of circumstances. And this comes from utter and complete faith in ourselves. 'Ourselves' being the operative word. Not another human being. So if you have perhaps been consumed by morbid thoughts pertaining to your single life, here are 8 things that remind you why single life is magically wonderful.

1. Freedom

Being single brings with it an amazing sense of freedom. This is something I am certain anyone who has ever had a breakup can relate to. I distinctly recall the feeling I had after I had finished mourning the assumed loss of my very first relationship. It was as though an ethereal sensation of lightness that had stolen over me. I felt free. I felt the ability to do anything. And that has not changed. It has been a long time since my first breakup, and much has happened in between, but that sense of freedom remains constant after the end of a relationship. Smell that? It's the sweet aroma of freedom.

2. Arguments

Arguments with loved ones are common. Perhaps, because we have great expectations from the ones we love, some of which aren't always met owing to the fact that we're all humans after all. But whatever the case, one thing is for certain; there are significantly fewer arguments when one is single. For once, you needn't get agitated over that darn toilet seat being up, or that you want to watch the game with your buddies but your partner insists on spending time with you on that particular day out of all others, and so on.