9 signs he or she isn’t ready to commit

I have had my share of relationships, the major proportion of which have ended for the simple reason that the men involved have been unable to commit to me and our relationship. Sure, at first, it was all roses and unicorns, and our relationship appeared alight with magic, but each time I broke up with one of them, I realised that the signs were always there. Eventually, it usually came down to one thing. I wanted a relationship not unlike that of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s. They, at the time, perhaps wanted a life of debauchery worthy of Colin Farrell. Either way, I have now developed what I like to call the ‘commitment phobe radar’. Here are the 9 signs that my radar instantly picks up on.

1. Has a long list of exes

You may think at the time that this does not signify, but I believe a George Clooney act speaks for itself. Oh, sure, Amal is terrific, but let us not forget those 21 years of being virtually emotionally crippled. So, if he/she has got a long list of former partners, then that should send off warning bells in your brain. Do you really want to be a part of a score card where you gradually become less interesting to them after they have ‘gotten’ you? That is usually how it proceeds. You two date, over time your good and bad aspects come to light (as it should in any normal relationship), they strive for perfection in all their partners and are thus endlessly finding faults with you, and eventually call it quits, and are once again on the lookout for the next person to fulfil that criteria.