9 Signs That Your Relationship Is The Envy Of Other People

A Posted a year ago
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Is your relationship the envy of other people?

Love can be such a slippery slope and it can strike at whatever age. You could be in your mid 40’s or in your teeny high school years. Once love strikes, you have almost no control of the situation. For those who are lucky enough, you manage to find a love that works for you. You manage to get yourself in a relationship with someone who complements you well. Things start getting serious between the two of you and everything still feels very natural and unforced.

Your love is as organic as the trees that grow in the forest. You are living proof that a romantic cliché can still exist in the modern world. You finish each other’s sentences and you can communicate to each other without even saying a world. You have this uncanny way of knowing how the other is feeling just by looking at them.

You have to understand that at this point, those who aren’t as lucky as you will be looking at your relationship for inspiration. Some will take a more envious approach when they’re seeing your relationship from the outside. It’s okay. Your relationship is the picture of absolute bliss and it’s something everyone wants for their own lives.

Here are some signs that your relationship is the envy of other people:

1. You rarely post about your relationship on social media, but when you do, it gets serious user engagement.

You’re not that annoying couple that’s constantly posting selfies or kissing pictures every day. You’re more subtle about your social media PDA. You rarely post pictures of yourselves and you always reserve your posts only for the most special occasions. But when you do post, people find it absolutely adorable and you get serious comments and likes from your friends. Everyone can’t help but love you as a couple because you’re not tacky with how you conduct yourselves.

2. People will try to test your relationship by starting up some drama.

Like anything else that’s worth having, people will try to test the best things about your life. If your relationship is doing well, then you can expect some people to try and start up some drama because they’re bored with their own lives. Don’t give in to the “Hey, don’t you think your boyfriend and Stephanie are a little too close for comfort? Doesn’t that upset you?” Your relationship is so much stronger than weak drama like that. - Continue reading on the next page