9 signs that you’re dealing with a toxic person in your life

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Life is never a constant bed of roses for anyone. It gets tough, it gets frustrating, and it makes you want to give up and just run away somewhere. But we’re all trying our best, aren’t we? We’re trying to be better than we were yesterday. We’re trying to reach a state of genuine happiness.

And we’re trying hopelessly to make our lives worth living. And while we’re trying so hard to reach our true potential and be genuinely happy, the worst possible thing that can come our way is the presence of toxic people in our lives. These people are the ones that bring out our most negative side, the ones who make life even more difficult than it already is and the ones who have the potential to negatively affect every aspect of our life - the way we think, the way we feel and the way we act.

These people might come in the form of a friend who can never stop complaining, a boss who is always angry and rude or even a life partner who brings you down all the time with all their pessimistic talk.

Here are 9 signs that help you understand who that toxic person in your life is. If you’re reminded of someone you know, then we hope you get rid of them instantly.

  1. You can’t stop talking about them

You’re well aware of how annoying or depressing their presence is to you and you can’t stop complaining about it to anyone who listens. All the negative things they say or do get stuck in your mind for a long time and you spend hours discussing and analyzing them. The fact that you can’t get their negativity out of your mind even when they’re not around reflects how much power you’ve handed to them.

  1. Your temper is uncontrollable when they’re around

Toxic people tend to be excellent manipulators. Some of the things they’ll say or do will be downright shocking and will stir up some extremely strong emotions. They make you feel so frustrated and confused that you lose control of your own emotions. It won’t matter to you if you’re at a friend’s party or even at your office, you won’t be able to control your rage when they’re around. *Continue reading to next page*