9 Simple Tricks to Trapping a Liar

A Posted a year ago
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There’s just no way around it. Liars are the absolute worst and they should be shamed for their dirty deeds. No one is safe from liars and they can strike from absolutely anywhere. It could be your boyfriend, your high school best friend, your work colleague, or your sister. The most practiced liars are incredibly skilled in what they do and how they do it. They are absolute masters in the ancient art of deception and many have fallen victim to their mischievous advances.

Luckily enough, there are ways to lure them out into the open and catch them in the middle of their lie. Then, there will be no escape for them anymore. Here are simple tricks that you could do to trap a liar:

1. Ask Surprising Questions

Catch them off guard by asking questions about their alibi that they could never expect. A skilled and practiced liar will most likely have rehearsed an alibi to get out of trouble. When you throw a curve ball and ask them a question that they didn’t get a chance to prepare for, then it would be easier for you to tell whether they’re lying or not. Be creative with your questions and try your best to really catch him off guard.

2. Look at their Eyes

As the cliché goes, a person’s eyes are windows to the soul. Eyes can be very telling especially if you know how to read them properly. Are they making a concerted effort to make eye contact? Then they’re probably lying and want you to believe that they’re not. They might also be blinking excessively. That’s another symptom of when someone is engaged in a blatant lie. - Continue reading on the next page