9 Things He Does Without Noticing That Mean He’s In Love With You

A Posted 13 days ago
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7. He will not hesitate to bring you out and show you off to everyone.

He would never be shy about taking you out for dinner dates. He loves you so much that he would never be ashamed of showing you off to the world.

8. He willingly puts himself outside of his comfort zone just to make you happy.

He would do things that he wouldn’t normally do just to make you happy. He goes the extra mile for you and he doesn’t really mind.

9. He talks about the future with you.

If he talks about the future with you, then you know that he’s being serious about being with you. He wouldn’t want to be talking about the future with you if he weren’t interested in you. If he were truly in love with you, then imagining a future with you wouldn’t be something difficult for him.

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