9 things to keep in mind while dating a strong girl

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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It’s not easy being a strong girl in this patriarchal world. Some will hate them for it, some will think they’re the worst kind of people to interact or bond with, some will consider them selfish and some will actually believe that everything they say or do is just completely out of line. But even after all the resistance and hatred they’ll face, they’ll still find that special someone who truly values the kind of person they are, who will know that this girl right here is the real deal, and who will be open to the idea that their female counterpart can be a complete equal to them.

So if you believe that you’re this kind of a guy, then here are some things that you should always acknowledge while you’re dating her:

  1. Strong girls always have a direction

A lot of us tend to just let life pass us by without really knowing what we’re here to do, what it is that we really want from life and how it is that we’re going to achieve it. But if you have a strong girl by your side, you’ll be amazed by the kind of direction she has. She will know for sure what her ultimate goal is and nothing in the world will be able to stagger her from it. So if she has chosen to be with you, just know that none of it was random. She knew what she was getting herself into from the minute she said 'yes'.

  1. Strong girls go for the kill

Once they’ve maintained a direction and once they’ve decided on their ultimate goal, they don’t sit around waiting for it to be magically achieved. They actively pursue everything they have in mind and they won’t stop at just achieving the bare minimum. So if you’ve gotten yourself involved with a strong girl, you should be sure that she didn’t just settle with you because she couldn’t get anyone better! You were what she truly wanted.