9 Things to let go of before the new year

A Posted 3 years ago
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A new year is approaching, filled with exciting new events, new friends to be made, new dreams to be achieved and of course, new love to be felt. I always try to look back at the end of each year and concentrate on my mistakes and the bad days, I like to remind myself of those times so I can make sure that I don't make those same mistakes next year again. It's important to look back at your year, at the highs and lows, at the ups and downs, the love gained and more importantly the love lost, it's all a part of life and we only grow stronger each year. I always try making each year better than the last, more enhanced and more powerful with all of my efforts. I would like you guys to join me in welcoming the new year, so I compiled a list of things to let go of before the new year, let's begin.

9. Let go of your grudges

Grudges are filled with negativity and negative thoughts, do you really need all of that as your new year begins? No you don't. Let go of all the grudges. Talk it out. Let go of the mistakes people made with you. If you were in a bad relationship with someone, if someone cheated on you, just let it go, tell them it's okay, tell them they're forgiven, not only are you going to feel extremely light but they're going to be shocked and confused for a long period of time. It's not easy to forgive, it's one of the most noble and difficult things in the world to actually forgive someone with all of your heart, and it's also one of the most freeing feeling in the world. Don't ruin your new year because of someone else's mistakes, start your new year with the most positive of attitudes and let go of all the grudges.