9 things you can do to make your mornings much better

A Posted 2 years ago
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Late nights and early mornings don’t make a good combination. You can only keep up with them for so long. You’re tired and cranky and long for the comfort of your bed all day long. Even though you’re getting things done, you might notice that you’re unable to give your best. At times you fail to wake up to the morning alarm, and when you finally do, you’re in such a rush that you either do something wrong or forget to do it entirely.

The start of the day determines the rest of the day, so here’s what you could do to possibly make your mornings better, and consequently the entire day to follow:

  1. Early to bed, early to rise

The simplest and the most practical solution for frenzied mornings lies in getting up earlier than usual. That would mean going to bed early in the first place. You can’t just change your patterns in one day, but you could do them gradually. Start with getting up earlier, and judge how it works out for you. Getting up earlier would have you worn out before your usual bedtime and you’d be able to sleep early as well.