9 Top lies that every woman tells her man

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Have you ever wondered what exactly do women lie about? We sometimes think that exaggerating a certain event is not considered a lie. In reality even exaggeration is a lie. We women tend to lie about many things especially when we are talking to our partners. Now take this example, a man at the bar checks you out and you just want to make your man a little jealous therefore you exaggerate the situation while telling him the whole story of how the man checked you from head to toe, whereas in reality he may have just smiled at you.

Do you think this was not a lie? Actually it was a lie. Every now and then women tend to slip some false facts to their partner. They don't usually have bad intentions behind it but this is just to spice things up a little and make them interesting. It is true that women lie for different reasons as compared to men but at the end of the day they do lie and that is quite unfortunate.

Here is a list of different lies that women tell their man. Some of these lies are not the harmful kind but at the end of the day a lie is a lie, whether it's for fun or for some serious reason.

  1. To make their guys feel better

Men like to think that their woman is slightly dependent on them or needs them. This is why some women tend to exaggerate a troublesome situation in order to get the help of their man. Mostly those situations can be handled easily by the woman herself but having a helping hand and can be fun and at the same time it can make the guy feel special so why not do it?

Imagine a woman has a flat tire, she can call a mechanic to get it fixed or she can even fix it herself but she chooses to call her boyfriend.  The boyfriend comes rushing to her in order to save her from the situation so she kind of lies here but then again it was to make the guy feel special.

  1. Hiding their lesser-attractive versions

Some women like to hide the fact that they were not very attractive in their younger years. Suppose you were not very attractive in your high school years or in your middle school days so you decided not to tell your boyfriend about that.

There is no harm in it but you are hiding something. There are many women out there whose boyfriends have never seen their childhood photographs. This is because their childhood versions were not as attractive as the adult versions. - Continue reading on the next page