A Glimpse Into The Life Of Someone Who Is Single

A Posted 10 months ago
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Being single doesn't mean you're not worth it, it doesn't mean you're "weird", it doesn't mean you're never going to find love. Being single is a strength most of the world doesn't understand. You should be single until you find someone who makes you understand what love really is. It's better to be single than to be with someone who just ends up making you miss being single.

Being single is often thought of to be pathetic. It must mean that there’s something wrong with you if you can’t manage to be in a relationship. Maybe you’re just not that good looking. Perhaps you have a crappy personality that no one can handle. Either way, you’re a very flawed person and that’s why love continues to elude you.

Don’t believe such lies. There’s nothing wrong with being single. People in relationships have no higher ground. It just means that they were lucky enough to find someone they’ve managed to mesh well with. In fact, a lot of the relationships you see around you right now, a lot of them aren’t going to last. These people might end up finding their ways back into the single life sooner than any of you think. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

Being single means that you take ownership for only one life: your own. Your responsibilities don’t extend beyond those that are expected of you. You only have to worry about your own body, your own finances, your own career, and your own social circles. You don’t inherit the problems, worries, and stresses of other people. You’re left to deal with just your own problems, and you know that you’re always up to the task.

Being single means you get to focus on yourself. You feel like dressing up on a Friday night, not because you want to look good for someone else, but because it makes you feel good inside to look so attractive. The morning after a night out, you get to make yourself breakfast. If you’re not up to cooking, you can just head out and buy something to eat at that local restaurant that you like. You don’t have to ask for anyone else’s permission. Your time and your eating habits are entirely your own.

Being single is a great opportunity for you to manage your time effectively. It grants you the chance to devote all the time in the world for your own personal dreams and pleasures. You could use your extra time to learn new hobbies or develop new skills. You can read lots of books, see lots of movies, and listen to loads of different music. Being single means that you’re a lone student, and the entire world is your classroom that you get to explore.- Continue reading on the next page