A letter to all my fellow ladies: Don’t just settle, please

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Ladies, read carefully and make it your life’s motto- 'Do not settle!'. Don’t settle into a job that makes you hate your life. Don’t settle with living in a town that never even felt like home. Don’t settle with having friends that turn their backs on you the minute you leave. And please, whatever you do, don’t ever settle with love that just doesn’t feel real.

You are worthy of nothing but the best. And the best will come your way only if you make it happen!

You truly deserve to be with someone special; someone who will laugh at your lame jokes, someone who will give you a big hug when you really need one, someone who will want to hold your hand through all the good times, as well as the bad.

You deserve the guy who can handle a real relationship, not the guy who just wants a fling; the guy who is ready to commit, not the guy who is unsure of his feelings for you; the guy who would do anything to make you happy, not the guy who is too self-absorbed to care about anyone else’s happiness.

You should be with a guy who wants to spend all his time with you - not just those passionate nights, but the mornings after those nights too. The guy who brings you your favorite kind of comfort food in bed when you aren’t feeling well; the guy who will do a crazy dance just to make you smile; the guy who gives you flowers for no reason because he knows you like them.

You’re a beautiful human being, in your own unique way.

You have your own strengths and weaknesses. Your flaws and imperfections are all a part of what makes you who you are, and the right guy will embrace all of them.

That’s right. Such guys exist in real life too, not just fairytales. So do NOT settle for anything less than the man of your dreams. Don’t settle for that guy whose excuse for being indifferent is that it’s just the way he is. Don’t settle for that guy who only calls you when he needs something from you. Don’t settle for that guy who never remembers your birthday.

Please, girls, don’t settle. Don’t settle for that guy whose words are always doubtful. You’re never sure if he’s telling the truth but you aren’t sure if it’s a lie either so you just accept it. Do not give in to such mind games. If he’s honest and genuine and sincere, your heart will know. Do not shove your doubts towards the back of your mind.

Don’t be with the guy who loves your face or your body or both, but has never bothered to find out what goes on in your head.

You are more than just a pretty face, and someone who loves you would know and love you inside out.

Loneliness is definitely scary. It makes us do silly things. We’re scared and we make the wrong choices. We tell ourselves that this is the best we can do. But what we don’t realize is that being with the wrong person is worse than being alone. It is toxic to our soul. *Continue reading to next page*