A story of a man that will melt your heart

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This is going to be a personal story, a story of a very close friend of mine. We were talking yesterday and about the years we saw together, he wanted me to write about him to show the world, to give a glimpse of just how cruel this world really is. A disclaimer before I begin, I have his permission to write about it as long as I don't reveal his identity, so this article is going to be anonymous, no names or pictures will be posted.

I was with my friend through his best of times and his worst of times, I've seen him at his happiest and I see him at his saddest presently, although I'm trying my best to fix him but such an insane amount of loss can change a man. This story is going to be very real. It's about love gained and love lost and love made eternal. Try to hold on to your emotions while reading this, I myself cried countless time while writing it all out.

25th January 2010 - The day I made a new best friend

As you all know, I am a med-school drop out. I've studied medicine for over four years, and in that time I made some friends, most of them left but one stayed. I met this guy during our first Psychology class when I was having trouble understanding a few things. So we started to study together. And soon after that, my family issue started, and the support I got from this guy was just beyond amazing. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and he's been one of my closest friends since that day. He used to be in love with a girl from our class, he loved her more than words. He was actually the first guy to teach me the true meaning of love, selfless love. He was so scared of asking her out, she was one of the prettiest girls in our class. After a lot of pep talk, he was ready to ask her out.