A Tale of True Love- Dedicated Wife Carries Double Amputee Husband in Viral Photo

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Staff Sgt. Jesse Cottle had a miserable meeting with fate in 2009, when he got severely wounded by an IED while serving his country in Afghanistan. He lost both his legs that day. And at that time, he was only 24 years old.

This time in his life was not an easy one. He spent the following months trying to adjust to his new life as a veteran and a double amputee. After he got discharged from the hospital, Jesse did not give up hope. He started to make appearances and leave for outings throughout the country, completely mobilized now on his new prosthetic legs. This was the time when he came across his future wife, Kelly. Kelly was a noble girl, who looked past the injuries to see the warrior for who he really was. And they fell deeply in love.

The presence of this beautiful girl in his life is the main reason why this former Marine has no regrets in life. In an interview with Good Morning America, Cottle described his feelings saying, “If I wouldn’t have stepped on that IED, I don’t think I would have met her. I wouldn’t take it back, ever.”

Four years after they met, Jesse and Kelly decided to spend some time with Kelly’s family and travelled to Boise, ID for this purpose. In a family photo session that followed, the photographer requested to take a few pictures of Jesse and Kelly, but without Jesse’s prosthetic legs. They both agreed.

After these pictures were uploaded on Facebook, one specific picture went immensely viral. You are about to see why: