3 Reasons - You Don’t Fall In Love With The Girl Who’s Used To Being Someone’s Second Choice

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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She has learned the harmful, poisonous way of replacing doubt and confusion with acceptance.

We live in a world where being with someone has become as common and demanding as drinking water. Love is put to trial everyday; accepted, rejected and tested again. Getting along with someone as quickly as parting ways is a common practice, and among all these practices, there waits a girl who considers love to be a sacred thing: The girl who does not rush it, but waits and wishes to be truly loved.

The girl who wants to keep it real exists among us, treated as the second choice. Guys who cannot wait like she wants to, guys who see ‘better options’ than her treat her as their second choice, guys eager enough to ride over what is precious for what is present and temporary. Constantly being treated that way, the girl gets used to being the second choice. So when the guy who wants her to be his first choice comes, she cannot decide. Her self-esteem stoops so low she finds it difficult to finally open up.

You will never be special. You will be just another guy who she thinks will leave her at some point.

She will treat you like a boyfriend is supposed to be treated. She will express her love, she will respond to your expressions just as normally, but secretly, she might never consider you to be special.

The girl has seen people leave her, break her heart in a split second and move on, she has seen them not caring and rushing for what is more ‘available’, she has seen how they do it, quietly and without announcement, so she knows how it feels. - Continue reading on next page