Controlling Relationship

SB Posted 2 years ago
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They want you to kneel down, to their fake idea of perfection, an idea that changes with their desire. Where they pretend that they are your saviours, but they are monsters in disguise!

The toxicity that comes from a controlling relationship will ruin your life. You need to detect such a relationship from the very start and put an end to it. No matter how devastating you might find the change at first, you need to know that you will come back better and stronger than ever before.

You need to detect early signs of abuse, in order to put an end to it. Some abusers will stop the abuse when they find out that you are now aware of the abuse. There will be others who were abused by someone else for so long that they assumed that a relationship works this way.

You can educate both the abuser and the abused but there are people who are under an impression of self-proclaimed righteousness. According to me, these people need psychological help. A person who puts someone down, just to feel better about who they are, is corrupt and vile to the core.

1. They imply their beliefs on you

Everyone is different and has the right to express their opinion. Yes, healthy discussions and constructive arguments are more than welcome in any relationship. Even if you don’t win the argument, you are entitled to your opinion but a controlling partner will try to enforce their decision on you.

Whether they win the argument or not. If you fail to oblige to their desires, they will try to break your will power down by showing you a cold shoulder, they might even say that your will to disagree with their opinion means your lack of love for them.

2. They take away your support system

Like any human being, we rely on friends and family to lead a healthy life, love alone isn’t enough to sustain a healthy life style. Friends and family not only reach out to pick us up in our time of need, they are our support 24/7 and have the best of our interest in mind. Friends and family will be the first people to tell you about an unhealthy relationship.

A controlling person is fully aware of that and will try to keep you away from friends and will avoid family gatherings as much as possible. They might try to tell you that your friends are bad company to keep or might try to create misunderstandings between you and your family.

They know that once they have secluded you from your support system, you will have no one to turn to except them in your time of need. They know how they will be able to benefit off it when they want to. Continue reading on next page