Are you self-sabotaging your relationship?

Anum H Posted 3 years ago
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When we fail at a relationship, we always put the blame on our partner which might be the right reasons but sometimes the fault can be our own and we don't even realize it. Certain habits that we posses slowly nibble down our relationship and before we know it these little negative habits engulf our relationship. If you are indulged in any of the following habits, then you should know that it's you who is gradually damaging your relationship.

  1. You're over-critical.

Nobody likes constant complaining, nagging and nit-picking. You need to accept that none of us is fault free and the human bit in us can go wrong at times. Don't hold your partner's shortcomings against them and throw it at them every chance you get. If you are the kind who finds something wrong with everything then you will never be satisfied, stop complaining and start appreciating.