Be with the guy who looks at you like he truly sees you

Misty Renee Posted 5 months ago
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"Be with the guy who shows you off to his friends and family"

We’ve all been with that guy – the one who will call you only when he’s alone at night and wants someone to fulfill his desires and needs, the one who will cancel all your plans with him at the last minute without even giving a solid explanation, the one who just can’t seem to appreciate or even acknowledge the tireless efforts you place in making sure he has a smile on his face. And once he finally leaves you just the way you had always expected, you claim that this is it! This is the last time you will let yourself fall for a guy who clearly doesn’t care, a guy who will never make you his top priority, and a guy who has much more important things to deal with in life than a relationship with you.

So a few weeks or maybe even months might pass with this new-found determination. But once the memory of that last heartbreak starts to fade away, once you start to forget all the pain and trouble that one guy had caused you, and once you come across someone new who starts to intrigue you, you begin forgetting your own rules. You agree to go out with the guy who looks no different than the ones you left behind. You like the way he makes you laugh, the way he’s so smooth with his words, the way he holds you. And you begin to fall into the same old trap. You begin to care for him more than he might care for you. You continue to call him even when he rarely picks up your call. You ask him out for dinner every weekend, hoping he won’t be busy with his ‘work’ this time.

Let’s face it. You never really had high hopes for this one either. The red flags were staring right at you from the beginning. It’s almost as if you could pick up on these negative vibes that told you he would turn out to be a complete douchebag in the end. But you still chose to give him a try. You still chose to be with the guy who would rather use you for his physical needs than actually share a meaningful conversation with you. You still chose to be with a guy who will never go beyond the surface, who will never try to discover the thoughts that keep running in your precious mind, who will never give a second thought to what’s going on in your heart and soul. But no matter how badly he treats you, no matter how obvious his indifference towards you feels, and no matter how clearly you recognize the way this relationship is going to end, you will still continue to defend him in front of your friends and family. You will continue to come up with reasons on why this unavailable, insecure, and arrogant guy is really the man of every girl’s dreams. - Continue reading on the next page