5 Reasons - Why Being Friends With Your EX is NEVER a Good Thing

A Posted 2 years ago
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Being friends after a break up, it’s all a lie. Truth is, you can never go from going out as lovers and coming out as friends. “Let’s stay friends” is just a term people say they’ll do out of respect or to save someone else’s feelings after a relationship is over. But then, there’s always that one person after the break up who hurts more than the other. People say that having a friendly relationship is much better than the real one. But they don’t realise that for the one who held more feelings than the other, it’s like breaking up all over again, but messier.

Fishing around his Facebook page? Searching for that chick he cheated on you with to find out... well, what? Whether you just want to see his face again, see what he's up to or you want some insight into why he dumped you, no reason is a good one. You're only hurting yourself. You are better than this. Change your focus.

Deleting them out of your social network is a roller coaster ride altogether; sure it’s going to be hard and it’s emotional and tad bit over dramatic I feel, but from experience I can tell you, it frees you from their ties and bonds. You can no longer stalk them, and eventually you stop giving a darn about them and start focusing on your life. Because before that, you obsess over one another, trying you win the breakup, fight over who is happier, who gives less of a fuck, and who is having more fun; all in the virtual world. Once you click that unfriend button, or that unfollow button, you can literally feel better about yourself and your decision to cut them out; you feel like you’ve grown and you experience a sense of liberty.

1. That temptation to talk to them

Once you’ve successfully deleted your ex, you will no longer feel the need to talk to them. Since you cannot see their activities, it’s like that saying: out of sight, out of mind. You no longer have to deal with the drama that goes in your head when they post a picture with a new romantic interest, because he’s not there to cause that temptation to ask him what went wrong and why you two gave up on love. Even if you want to talk to him, you’ll have to search him up but then too, you will think twice about messaging him.