How to tell if a Guy Really means it When He Says he loves you

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Now, to get a better understanding if your guy really is obsessed about you and has fallen for you, there are a couple of things that can help you get the answer as was said earlier, and those are:

1: He will just say the Magical Words!

When he says he loves you without you asking him or putting him under any sort of pressure. This means he’s saying that because he really wants to show his true feelings to you.

2: Does he really mean it? You can Judge!

You know the guy inside out. You can judge whether he’s really serious and into it when he says that. He’d say it without wanting anything in return (like sex, etc.) and if the only reason behind his words is his deep rooted love for you, then his words have substance.

3: The way He says it

The way he says it, Yeah it can be a bit movie-ish and cliché, but if he holds your arms, looks you straight in the eye affectionately, shows that he cares about you and says those 3 words. It is real.

4: Wait for the kiss

He says he adores you right after you kiss each other, and that followed by pulling you more closely and you can listen the pounding of his heart coming ever so closer to you and then he caresses your hair and kisses you again.

5: Holding hands

When you two are close and he tries to touch your arms, play with your fingers, hold your hands to show he cares about you, he doesn’t want you to be away from him and keeps on saying “I love you”, it can’t get any real than that. *Continue reading to next page.*