9 Chivalry Habits Of Men That Can Make Any Woman’s Heart Melt


Chivalry, though considered as an old school of thought, still hasn’t lost its significance. Even today, simple gestures of care and sincerity can have a deep impact on someone’s heart.

Though women’s empowerment has made them more independent, determined and self-sufficient, but women still long for a perfect gentleman who can go an extra mile for them.

Today, women are extra cautious about getting into relationships. They don’t want themselves to get hurt and fall prey of some insensitive and ruthless cheat.

But when women are cherished, loved, admired and taken care of, they submit themselves completely to the person behind this blissful experience. Even in today’s ‘practical world’, women instantly fall for a true gentleman. A person, with his chivalrous habits and sincere gestures, can melt a woman’s heart.

It doesn’t take much of an effort or display of any grand gesture or costly things to win a woman’s heart. By just adopting the following chivalry traits, you can win your girl over.

1. Holding The Door Open For Her

A woman’s heart will always melt  for a true gentleman; a person who puts her comfort and well-being before his own. When you hold the door ajar open for her, it will make her heart melt. Women do recognise a person who takes care of people around him. So, whether you open the door for her or for other people around you, she will appreciate it and mark you as a true gentleman in her mind.