Common Encouraging Phrases That Boost Your Woman’s Spirits

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Being a twenty first century woman is hard: you have to act like a lady but work like a horse. So then what is it women look for the most at the end of the day from their significant other? Appreciation from their significant other that they have done so well and they are a reason to be proud of.

A slight pat on the back might do, but more than that, words of encouragement said to a woman by her partner not only boosts her up big time, they also make her realize that what she is doing is important and the life of their significant other would not be the same without it. In other words, women need hope and assurance to carry on doing their work in life and in relationships through words of encouragement.

Here we have summed up the general, day-to-day phrases that when said to women by their partner in a relationship, can sound like laughter of children and chirping of birds after a dull and gloomy day.

1. “I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life With You”

This is a winner, really. And guys who let their women know this, time and again, remain on the winning side. Just think about it – you do things and your partner appreciates them so much that they want to spend their lives with you doing whatever it is you do. Now isn’t that something, given the fact that to share a life with another takes a lot of commitment and trust?

If you are doing three jobs in a row yet give ample amount of time to your significant other; or wash your car thrice in one day; or keep a stack of books on your dining table but despite all that, your partner gives you encouraging speeches and locking gazes with you, tells you in earnest how they want to spend the rest of their lives with you – nothing else can make a woman more overwhelmed than this.

In a relationship filled with quirks and out-of-the-box habits of the woman, motivation can go a long way. It shows her that her partner accepts her with all that she is and isn’t yet still gladly wants to be with her.