Confession - 'I am a submissive and I love every bit of it'

A Posted 2 years ago
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Just the other day, I and my husband went to have lunch at a nearby restaurant. As always, he ordered our food. I love this about him, I love how he takes control of every situation, how he makes decisions and I don’t have to beat my head around things. I suspected a woman sitting near us smirk when my husband ordered our food but I didn’t make anything out of it, a lot of people were dining that day and it could have been for anyone.

I happened to spill some salad dressing over my dress and went to the bathroom to clean it up. This woman followed me to the bathroom and said that it was because of women like me, that men think they can get away with anything. That I didn’t know how to speak up for myself and it is because of women like me that the world is a bad place to live in today, that women like me fail to raise children sensibly. She said that I don’t have what it takes to stand up for my rights and that I let my man do whatever the hell he wants. She called me a coward and left.

It wasn’t the first time that I received criticism from people around me, for living my life the way I do, but this time I was left particularly heartbroken. I and my husband have recently been through some really rough time and this night was supposed to be our escape from it all. I had never felt so helpless. I feel the need to speak out or I might just burst into a million pieces. *Continue reading to next page*