8 Reason Why giving a chance to the "Nice guy'' can be the best decision

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Many girls find the dating bad boys concept very appealing. Living in today’s world and its evolving concepts of what is ‘cool,’ bad seems to be the new cool.

And most girls blindly fall for it. Most of the times, it does not end well like they expected it would. So the question is, why not date nice guys instead? Why go for the ‘bad boys’ when it doesn’t even leave you with a good relationship?

So lets approach this another why. Why not date a nice, sophisticated guy instead, even if everyone around tells you it will not be as much ‘fun’ or that he is a dork and so forth? What if by the end of it, you actually have a loving, meaningful relationship?

So here are summed up 8 reasons why dating nice guys can actually means you get to have the best boyfriends ever, a happy relationship for the both of you and basically a win-win for both of you, because:

  1. They’re thoughtful

Nice guys are among the most thoughtful ones out there. This means they will keep note of your schedule and spend time with you accordingly, put your well-being before theirs, send you flowers or even a small note to let you know they are thinking about you and do all in their power to cheer you up when you get in a stressful mood or something else troubles you.

Dating a thoughtful, nice guy can really lead you to develop a good relationship where his thoughtfulness just wins your heart over at every step of the way.

He will make you feel cares for at all times, instead of being like those careless jerks who think about themselves first and your well-being does not matter to them as much. - Continue reading on next page