Determining the Type of Girlfriend You Are Based On Birth Order

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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No two people are alike! And to say that two people having the same birth order are bound to be exactly the same is incorrect. However, it wouldn't be incorrect to think that two people having the same birth order would share SOME common characteristics. You might even find it amazing how some people can easily determine your birth order after spending just a little time with you. Even you must have been spot on about people 99% of the time.

This article focuses on your girfriend-ly traits based on your birth order. This is a general view based on how people born in the middle, or the youngest, or the only child or the twins tend to act when they're in a relationship.

Even if you feel like there's absolutely no such thing as determining traits based on birth orders, you just might be surprised if you read on. So, without further ado, here we go:

The oldest:

Here's the thing about being the oldest: you're expected to make certain compromises for your younger siblings. Nothing too drastic, but compromises nonetheless. The oldest is quite often the one who looks over everyone else and always carries around a sense of protectiveness towards the younger siblings.

Right now, she isn't with her siblings. She's with you, but the feeling of protectiveness hasn't left her yet. Odds are it never will. It has become a part of her. She's the protective and understanding one. She's the type of girl who will always worry about you even when you assure her that there's nothing to worry about! She'll text to make sure you reach home safe and ask about your day. You might find it a tad bit annoying sometimes. But trust me when I say this: she wouldn't do it unless she genuinely cared about you.  - Continue reading on next page