Don’t forgive him for any of these 12 things

Misty Renee Posted 7 months ago
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Physical abuse obviously tops the list!

When you’ve been with someone long enough, when you’ve invested an unlimited amount of time, love and affection towards making a relationship work, and when you’ve built up all your life’s hopes and dreams keeping just this one person in mind, you get accustomed to letting things go. You learn to compromise. You learn to forgive. And you learn to believe that nothing can be bigger than this relationship.

While this is actually a very mature way of living, it sometimes leads us into bearing things that are, in fact, wrong, things that aren’t meant to be forgiven, and things that can end up making us very miserable. No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, no matter how much you love him, and no matter how badly you want to have a future with him, some things in life are always inexcusable.

We all end up making mistakes in a relationship. It’s only human. But there are still certain actions that should never be overlooked. If you constantly let your guy get away with disrespecting you or making you feel bad for no reason at all, this will only lead to more betrayal, depression and disrespect. Here are 12 things your guy might do that should never be forgiven in a relationship:

  1. He gets physical with you

It doesn’t matter how serious the fight was. It doesn’t matter how bad his day had been. And it doesn’t matter how big of a mistake you made. There can never be any reason big enough for him to lay a hand on you. Physical abuse is inexcusable under ALL circumstances. And if you let him get away with it once, what do you think will stop him from doing it again the next time he gets angry? Stop making excuses for him and get yourself as far away from him as possible before he starts placing your entire life in danger.

  1. You’ve caught him lying to you on several occasions

Yes, all of us tend to tell a few white lies time and again. But if you’ve noticed how your guy keeps lying to you about the smallest of things, and about things that don’t really matter just for the heck of it, then you might just be in a relationship with a pathological liar. And if he can’t even speak the truth on the little things, how will you ever trust him with things that actually matter? There might even come a time when you’re unable to distinguish his lies from the actual truth. And my advice would be to leave before you allow that to happen.

  1. He keeps ditching plans

If he doesn’t agree to go to a party where he doesn’t even know anyone because he’s too tired from work or he isn’t really in the mood for meeting new people, then just cut him some slack. That part is completely understandable. But if he sets up plans with you and ends up ditching them last-minute on a regular basis, then it’s clear that he doesn’t really respect your time or have much interest in meeting you. A guy who truly loves you will keep looking for reasons to see you, rather than ditching the plans that you

  1. He keeps invading your privacy

Have you ever caught him going through your phone the minute you leave for the bathroom? Did he end up checking your entire Facebook inbox the day you accidentally left your account open on his laptop? Is he always convincing you to give him all your passwords? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then it’s clear that your partner will not leave any chance to snoop around and invade your privacy. Even when you don’t have anything to hide, such behavior is just plain annoying and reflects how your partner has some serious trust issues. And a relationship is bound to end if it isn’t based on the foundation of trust. - Continue reading on the next page